Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Know it is Early

Well, it is May 31, but those of you who read this blog, will get a head start on the prizes. 

So, I will no longer be posting on this particular blog.  It has served me well for a while, but it is time to move on. 
I now have a website!  This has been a great deal of work, and I hope you all like it, and follow it.  There are four different blogs for you to choose from, but I also want you to look at the website home page daily.  There will be coupon codes, awesome sponsors and changing pictures through the seasons.

Wonderful prizes are offered to those who follow by email.  All the information you need, you will find at

                                        Bits of the Past and Present!!!

Come on over right now to enter your name!  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June 1 is almost Here

Well, it is Wednesday, and June 1 is Friday!!!  I cannot believe it is almost here!  Looks like I have some of your attention!

I will be giving away a set of those terrific signs on my blog, as well as a few more prizes.

Some wonderful individuals have graciously donated items.  Here are two of the sponsors.

Renee Tougas over at FIMBY, a great site on living more simply and thoughtfully, is giving a copy of her e-Book away!

To read more about this awesome book go here:

Nuckin Futs Knitter over at Etsy, as graciously donated one of her terrific knitted items, which will be announced on June first!

There will be other great prizes on June 1 as well!  This is just a little teaser.

I was asked for a hint, so I will give one to you.

When you come to visit, you will be directed elsewhere.

There you go!  That is all I am going to give you, and I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

See you soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just to Wet Your Appetite!

So, as the big news approaches, I wanted to show you a prize that will be given away to one lucky winner! 

These antique barn wood signs.  I acquired this barn wood from a 100 year old barn that had to be taken down.  Sad, isn't it!  But the wood has been given new life through many projects around my home and now through these signs.  I sold a set of these signs in my shop for $30.  And now I am going to give them away.  Soon, real soon!!

This is just a sample of the fun that will be happening.  I have some wonderful prizes donated by sponsors that will be sure to excite you, and I will be sharing those in the days to come!

Remember, June 1!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It is getting Closer!

Oh my goodness!! I am getting so very excited about the big reveal!!!  There are some great prizes in the works! 

11 more days to go!

And so much to do!!!

See you soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stay Tuned!!!!!!

I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but that's life right?

I have been working hard on new endeavors, so please stay tuned!

Return to this site on June 1, and I will redirect you to my newest endeavors!  Stay tuned for prizes, grand re openings and new fun adventures!

Count down to June first launch party!

Only 17 more days!!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I have debated how much I would share with all of you, but I have decided to make this as much of a journal as I can.  I am not whining or being negative, I just simply want to tell you all where I am at in my life at this time.

So much has changed for me over the past year and a half.  Personally, I am tired of the changes.  I want a little steadiness, but a crave different all at the same time.  Even though I am tired, I am ready for an adventure.  Even though I have been on an adventure for the past year, I am ready for another one.  Wait, no I am not! 

See what I mean, this is my life right now.  In a state of confusion.

By the way, I am adding pictures to give more visual to the post, not for symbolism.  Gotta keep your attention!

First, let me tell you that my mind works all the time.  I have a very over active imagination, which causes me to constantly think, over analyze and some times suffer from anxiety.  Which makes my brain go into overload as I try to talk myself down.  It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  My overactive thoughts have led me to great confusion as of late.

Last year, when I left my job, it really shook my world. I loved working!  I loved teaching!  And I especially loved all of the middle school kids I taught.  This age often gets a bad rap, but I love them.  They are funny, and I was good at what I did.  Then I was abruptly taken out of this work that defined me for so long, and placed into full time motherhood.  I think that sounds funny.  We are always full time mothers, I just had something to take my mind off of it for a few hours a day.

Since that event, I have been searching for my next calling, my next adventure.  What I have not taken the time to see is that my next calling is here, at home, with my husband and kids.  Why do I feel like it must be out of the home to feel successful?  My only conclusion to this is society.  We are made to feel less than others if we stay home.

I stopped working, went into full time therapy mode with Little Bit, my husband was deployed, I started home schooling, I started my own business and I began writing two blogs.  My husband came home, and we discovered our new found freedom with home schooling, and began to travel with him on all of his trips.  I discovered my adventurous side again.  Man have I missed that side!

During this time, I have realized how I have let others dictate what I need to do, I have been hurt by friends who have not agreed with what I have done, I have lost friends, and I have begun to question this path that I have taken. 

All of the bits of my life work great on their own, they are just not flowing together.  My passions are: Faith, being a wife, mother, family, helping others, travel, writing, bits of the past. 

I am slowly discovering that I need to care less of what others think, and more for them and where they are at in their lives.  I love being a mother and home educator, and I think this was the best choice for my family.  I love being a wife and watching my husband live out some of his dreams, and getting to be a part of that.  I have found a place at church and will be assisting in the start up of a new ministry there. 

All the parts of my new life do actually fit, I just have to accept them.  I have to realize I do not have to search for things, they are in front of me and will stay the same or change depending on life at the time.  When God brings it.  Contentment.  Confidence.  This is what I am learning.

Over the next few weeks, I will be keeping it real with you how I am focusing on the positive.  I will be sharing my mission statement, my passions, and how I have begun to see how they do fit together.  I will focus on adoption, the struggles, the joys.  I will focus on being a wife, mother and home educator.  But most importantly what I have learned from all of it. 

I hope that in some way, I can help another who may be feeling the same way and bring a little humor to my over thinking!  Through doing this I want to see where God has brought me to remind myself how much I have changed, for the better.

By the way, I went to 10 minutes instead of five!  I could not stop thinking!


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Banks for Kids

I am about to admit something.

My kids keep a chore chart, but I forget to pay them.  We then go to the store, and they want to purchase a toy, and I tell them no because I do not know how much money they have.  Isn't that terrible!  I really do think this is why they are not keeping up with their chores lately.  The money is not visible, and I am showing them that what they do is not very important.  Ouch!

So I came up with a system.  I am sure someone else out there in the world of blogs, pinterest and so on has already come up with this.  But I assure you, it is totally from my own imagination. 

The kids today,made their own personal banks.

 Bit number 3's

 Bit # 2's

Bit #1's

I wanted them to make rather than me, because I wanted an excitement to grow.  They are going to keep track of everything that is put in and taken out.

Mr. Bit's and I have committed to paying them every Friday, they will then put it in their check registers as a deposit.  If they need cash, they write a check.

They have to give a reason for their withdrawal, and write it in the register as well.  Subtract, add, everything that we do as adults.

Hopefully by doing this, we will show them what their hard work means.  It means they can save up for that toy, the trip or the place they want to go.  I hope it teaches them to save instead of burn a hole in their pockets!

I am excited to see how this works for our family.

We will keep you posted!

Have a great day everyone!

Happy Birthday Oldest Bit

I cannot believe that I am a parent of a double digit child!  In just 6 short years, he will be driving!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  I want time to slow down.  I want to enjoy every second of this parent thing!  Thankfully, I can since they are home all day.  Some days, I am not so thankful, but today I am.

Here are some highlights of his birthday.  It was an end to a long day of travel.  We left California that morning and did not make it into our home until 530pm.  He chose to have pizza, so we picked some up on the way home, and then opened presents.  Unfortunately, Little Bit could not handle any more, so she went up to bed.  Which was probably better for everyone!  We love her dearly, but when the meltdown happens, she is done.

He had a great evening and we ended it by watching Transformers for like the hundredth time!

Here are some pictures.

Happy Birthday Buddy!