About Us

Meet Mr. Bits.  He leads us on all of our adventures.  Well, I should say he funds our adventures!  He works, so we can go!  He enjoys hiking, shooting, fly fishing and driving!

I am Mrs. Bits.  I teach our children, run a business and cook!  I love to workout, hike, visit new places and just be outside. I take the little bits on their daily adventures.

Oldest Bit.  He is a very curious boy who loves reading, war stories and history.  His goal in life is to be a paleontologist, pilot, professional basketball player, computer game maker all wrapped up into one.  I have no doubt that he can make it happen.  He will write a blog post every once in a while for your enjoyment. The drawing for this blog heading was done by him.

Middle Bit.  He is my carefree soul.  Loves to take risks, yet thoughtful.  He wants to be either a surfer or a priest.  He will not be writing yet, but he will be contributing photos.  He loves to take the camera and experiment.  He is also a budding chef.  I have enjoyed having him make me breakfast!

Little Bit.  She joined our family 2 years ago.  We have had quite the journey. She is the bravest person I know and will one day become an inspirational speaker.  She is the reason for our family growing closer together!

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